Waterbike Hydrofoil Bicycle

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This waterbike is the combination of a hydrofoil and a pedal boat. Just except any floating devices or abilities! Lift is only provided by the underwater wings being moved fast enough

Here the waterbike was driven in a little contest against some other human powered hydrofoils.
watch the Trampofoil do the same course even faster: trampofoil-slalom-race

more Informaton and pictures of this bike at http://www.human-powered-hydrofoils.com/hydrofoils/waterbike/

Music: Bicycle Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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  1. Jiany

    Hi how are you. I’ve seen the foil bike on a YouTube video. The one with the wind surf board. I would like to buy it, literally! Do you know who that owner is?
    Is it reliable?
    Thank you very much