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What is it?

Technically the Aquaskipper is a human powered hydrofoil. So you have a foil providing lift as long as it has enough speed, and you use your own muscle power to produce that speed via bouncing on the rear wing.

In simple words, you use dolphin propulsion to fly like a bird.

Is it hard to learn?

It takes some practice as it is for most people a total new movement. But after one or two days of training hardly anybody will be able to ride the aquaskipper.  Some even do it in only a few tries.

Can you start the Aquaskipper from the water?

No! Once you hit the water you are doomed! But it´s not so bad. You just swim to the next jetty or solid object. A small boat will do too. And get a new start.

Where can I get an Aquaskipper?

Many people ask me where they can buy an Aquaskipper, so just click here

or just click the image below.



Where can I see more of it?

just watch some of the videos in this playlist: