My longboard setup in detail

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In the comments of my Youtube videos I often get asked what my longboard setup is. So i wanted to combine all my answers, thoughts and images into one place.


The deck – Loaded Vanguard Flex 1

This is by far the most important part of my setup and the only one I consider essential. I ride longboards for about 30 years now. I always knew I wanted a board with flex. So I started with an Flexdeck, then I had a Sector Nine and 2 Indiana boards with Seismic trucks. Those were all ok to pump, but I always felt some limitation. So I kept searching. Until 15 years ago I found the Loaded Vanguard. And when I rode it for the first time, I knew immediately, that it was exactly what I had been searching for. Everything that felt limiting and restraining  before was gone and this board offered me the freedom of motion I was looking for. So I had this exact deck now for more then 15 years. And I would only ever replace it with the a newer version of the exact same model.


The trucks – Paris V3

longboard setup bottom
longboard setup bottom

My trucks now are Paris V3 180mm 50°. I really like them and especially in white they fit the design of the board really well. Which is also important and makes pumping even easier. When I got my board as a complete those 15 years ago it came with Randal trucks in 180mm and 50°. I drove those trucks for probably the first 13 years and then switched to Paris V3 in 2021. So I didn´t change anything about the angles or the width, just got some shinny and new trucks. Which are also the factory setup if you buy a Loaded Vanguard as a complete right now.


The wheels – Orangatang Caguamas

I`m riding the Orangatang Caguamas 85mm 80a in orange now and they feel really great. At the beginning it was a bit of a difference to the 75mm wheels I had before as you could feel the board is a bit higher now and you had to bend your leg a bit more to push. But in the end that´s just some kind of muscle excercise and from my point of view well worth the comfort rolling efficiency these wheels offer. I haven´t tried the other durometers of 77a in blue and 83a in purple. Nor have I tried the new Dad Bods in 105mm. All off which might be interesting.


The bushings – Orangatang Nipples

Honestly upgrading my bushing which I hadn´t changed from the stock ones in 13 years (stupid) probably was by far the biggest change and for sure the most cost effective improvement. And after this change pumping was so much easier I could immediately pump continuously. Whereas before with my old bushings I still was loosing speed slowly. I think having the right bushings for your weight and style is really important. I´m using the Orangatang Nipples in yellow/ hard which is appropriate for my weight of very roughly 100kg/ 220lb. I still tighten them quite a bit and definitely wanna try some even harder bushings some time.


Risers and wedges

longboard setup front view
longboard setup front view

I only have a 1/8″ riser pad for dampening. The one I have right now is from Jucker Hawaii, just because it was the only one in white that fit the rounded shape of the Paris trucks. But it isn´t available anymore. So I would recommend the normal pads from Paris themselves. I have never tried wedges and I don´t feel the need for it. On a board that flexes as much as the Vanguard the angle of the trucks will actually continuously change while pumping.


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