Solowheel – self-balanced unicycle

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Solowheel – the most basic motorized transportation

The Solowheel is a self balanced unicycle. Essential you have a wheel and a small electric engine in the hub. The electric motor has only one goal: ALWAYS STAY UPRIGHT! So if you stand on the Solowheel and lean forward the electric engine has to accelerate to counteract your action. Same goes for leaning backwards. What makes it a little tricky is the fact, that you have to balance to the left and right too. But you´ll get the hang of it quiet fast.

If you want to buy a solowheel just go here.

I made this video one early morning by myself using only a gopro cam and some diy steady cam stuff which you see here: Gyro Helmet Cam and Camera Pole

There is also a longer version of this video at: Solowheel Sunrise Longversion

Music of the viddeo:
Cold Funk Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”