FAT Bikes – the fatter the tire…

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Realy fat bike tires are really trending in bicycling right now. And I love it! So what is so awesome about it?

The Simplicity: Similar like single speeds, fatbikes are much more basic. Utilizing the potential of the huge wheels you get a smooth ride over any terrain without using shox. However the biggest advantage of fat bikes is on really loose terrain like sand and light gravel. Here the fat bike tire provides enough surface to ride on top and not get stuck.

The Style: The big and fat tires of fatbikes just look awesome! At least to anyone who likes fat tires and fat things in general.

Fat tires and rolling resistance

Don´t fat tires need too much power to pedal and make you slower?

Sure, a fat tire will be a little slower on concrete. But you have more comfort, more grip and security and in tough terrain a fat tire will always be the fastest.

Which brands make fat bikes?

Right now it seems like every brand is jumping on the fat bike wagon. So let´s just look at some of the most interesting things.

Surly was the the first brand to start the trend and is still the only maker of the fat tires and rims for fat bikes.

Rock Shox now has the first fat suspension fork on the Market called Bluto.


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