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Why is SUP more fun?

SUP is really an amazing sport and especially recently gaining quite some popularity again. Sure many sports can keep you fit, but only if you have fun doing them you will actually do it often enough to make some real progress. And not just give up again after the first week of enthusiasm is over and that trainer for your abs is lost and forgotten under your bed.
With a sport giving you as much fun as SUPdoes doing sports won´t be burden but rather that thing you wanna do anyway.

Can I even do that?

You would be surprised to know how wide the variety of people is that enjoy to do xxx1. But even they all have different backgrounds, genders and ages there is something similar that you will find in every person that does SUP.

How to get better at SUP

Like any other sport it needs dedication and training, there is not much you can change about those requirements. But you can make them easier and more fullfilling. For example you should check if there isn´t maybe a local community around SUPin your area on Facebook. Having a group of like minded people around you will not only make it more enjoyable, some of those individuals might actually have good advice and teach you a thing or too. Also it is interesting that often people might do the same sport for very different reasons. Like for one person SUPis about reaching personal goals, about going to the limit and experience one´s bodies limits, whereas for the next one it is more a nice community and also in the sport itself they enjoy to work together with people.

Don´t forget to be creative when SUP

SUPisn´t a sport where you have to do exactly the same as the next guy. Find your niche in this sport. What do you love particularly about SUP? How can you exploit that knowledge and enjoy it even more? How can you maybe even become that one person, that can do that one special thing nobody else did or even thought of before.

And finally always stay safe

Eventhough it is so much fun and you feel like everything is just going in one direction take a step back sometimes and ask yourself: Do I still use all the necessary precaution, or did I get sloppy? Is every aspect of what I´m doing healthy for me or did I develop and habits that could harm me?

The next step

So if you wanna get the latest gear for SUPnow, we can help you. On top of this site we ave collected some of the best products for SUP. Not just t-shirts, pants, socks, suits, shorts, booties, gloves, beanies, hats, helmets, glasses, googles, poles, lines and ropes. Also snowboards, skis,parachutes,yoga matts,bats and rackets, bikes and unicycles, decks and trucks, surfboards and SUPs….