Snowskate – everything you need to know

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Snowskate – single and bi-decks

Ok so when we talk about snowskates we have to seperate between single and bi-decks.

Single decks are just what the name implies a single deck like a skateboard, but made from plastic and with some grooves on the bottom. These boards are mostly used to just ride a bit straight before jumping over a small kicker and performing some skateboard like trick. Any kind of turn is nearly impossible as you can´t really put the board on the edge.

Here is where the bi-decks come into play. The construction of a ski under a skateboarddeck allows it to edge the board and make turns at  least generally possible. You will stil need some practice to get the real hang of it. But once you master the first turns you will be amazed how well you can control der board while feeling riding a canaonball at the same time. The small board, raised and narrow stance and no bindings make for a rather exciting ride.


Is a Snowskate a good snowboard training?

I really think that snowskates are a perfect training for snowboarding and every snowboarder should have one.

Having no bindings on a snowskate means you always need perfect body postion. Every bump needs to be absobed and also rotating for turns is much more of a balancing act.






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