Skydive from Helicopter without Parachute

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People will never stop exploring. After wingsuits hit the market a few years ago a crazy idea started to grow in probably quiet some crazy minds. But to be the crazy mind who actually is the first to risk his life for a stunt like this is still extraordinary. And this is Gary Connery. He did this world record breaking jump in 2012 and survived.

So what will be next? Actually I would have thought somebody would try this kinda stunt on a ski slope first. Speed skiers ride at speeds of up to 155mph or 250km/h. But the terminal velocity of a skydiver is only110 to 140 mph or from 180 to 225 km/h. But a Wingsuit Flyer’s velocityis even lower at 60 mph or 95 km/h. That actually seems to be quiet doable at least as long as you sit on your couch thinking about it.

By the way also you think to need no parachute you always need one of these Sky Dive Goggles with Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses.