longboarding beijing

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So this video is a bit older already, but bringing my longboard on travels always was a good thing. Longboarding in Beijing, China was actually quite amazing. Some of their bicycle pathways were the size of a german autobahn.

By the way for everyone who just started longboarding or wants to get some basic information, I just came across this Articel from Rachel  “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Longboarding” on hobbyhelp.com/longboarding/

6 Responses

  1. Jen
    | Reply

    nice pumping!

  2. eddiecherron
    | Reply

    Your video ended up being encouraged with the history of an Jeffreys These kinds of the guts involving Southerly Cameras browsing on, reader whom vanquished your vices involving drug treatments by way of acquiring the getting in touch with throughout browsing on.

  3. Daniel Messias
    | Reply

    I love longboarding: It’s practical. I can go around in a longboard instead of using a car on some days. I’d like to see volleyball or baseball have some direct real life application (okay, the sports kind of have,
    you can run faster and what not but still! It’s different from longboarding’s practicality).

  4. Nasir
    | Reply

    Wonderfully done …Hope, One day I could ride like him

  5. Jonny david
    | Reply

    I am a professional rider and love to ride my sector 9 Drop-through longboard on the downhill road.

  6. Misa hua
    | Reply

    beijing is good place for longboarding

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