Sincerely Nuts Cheddar Sesame Sticks – Mouthwatering Flavor – Light & Crunchy – Packed with Healthy Nutrients – Kosher Certified


CHEDDAR FLAVORED: Your taste buds will be ecstatic over the titillating cheddar flavor complemented by that naturally nutty sesame taste.
NUTRIENT DENSE: Every toe-curling bite lavishes you with copper, magnesium, calcium, healthy fiber, and a boat-load of vitamins.
DELICIOUSLY CRUNCHY: We ensure every bag of our cheddar sesame sticks is perfectly packed to give you freshness beyond comprehension.


YOUR TASTE BUDS’ NEW BEST FRIEND… Open Sesame! Oh you’re about to enter into a realm of unbelievable wholesomeness! The healthy nutrients in this treat are tripping over themselves to have you feeling like a rockstar. You’ll get to enjoya torrential rush of magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin B, and a dose of digestion friendly fiber. Each munch will be a vote for superior health! Take a Dip! Sit back on your favorite spot on the couch, bring out that dip, rip open a bag of our cheddar sesame sticks, and experience the taste of a lifetime! You’ll be immediately addicted on that mouthwatering flavor, and go head over heels thanks to that sensationally fresh crunch. Sincerely Nuts Cheddar Sesame Sticks’ benefits include: – Heavenly flavor packed in every bite. – Impressive assortment of minerals and vitamins. – Sealed to guarantee a life-changing crunch. – 100% Kosher certified. – Diligently processed to provide mind-boggling quality. If you want a snack that will leave your body feeling like new; if you want a treat that tastes likeparadise crushed smack in the middle of nirvana, then you need to click ‘Add to Cart’ now!
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